Insane vaccine zealots now calling for vaccine skeptics to be PUT TO DEATH so that resistance to mercury in vaccines can be eliminated

(Natural News) The authoritarian Left is alive and well and continuing to push vaccine madness on every single man, woman and child, even to the point of murdering anyone who dares to disagree with the globalist orthodoxy.

A recent editorial in the Boston Herald, usually the Democrat-controlled city’s lone voice of constitutionalism, liberty and freedom, was scathing in its treatment of responsible parents who have every right to be concerned about their children becoming vaccine injured, whether by adverse reaction or through the injection of mercury-laced ingredients.

Referring to such parents as “anti-vaxxers,” the editorial actually relies on a story from theWashington Post, which of course toes the globalist line on everything including medical treatments. The Post piece talks about a measles outbreak in the Somali community in Minnesota, in which a handful of kids contracted the disease, ostensibly because they were not vaccinated.